Corporate Governance

The FREE Eyre Board is responsible for the overall governance of the Company. This includes setting the strategic direction of the Company within the context of its objectives.

In addition to their role of pursuing the objectives of the Company, the Directors monitor the business affairs of the Company on behalf of shareholders and have adopted corporate governance policies which are designed to encourage Directors to focus their attention on accountability, risk management and ethical conduct.



Directors consider on an ongoing basis how management information is presented to them and whether such information is sufficient to enable them to discharge their duties as Directors of the Company.

The corporate governance policies of the Company require that such information must be sufficient to enable the Directors to determine appropriate operating and financial strategies from time to time in light of changing circumstances and economic conditions.

The Directors recognise that involvement in emerging industries is an inherently risky business and that operational strategies adopted should, notwithstanding this risk, be directed towards improving or maintaining the net worth of the Company.

As the Company’s activities develop in size, nature and scope, the size of the Board and the development of governance practices will be given further consideration.